Labor Markets & Racial Formation: Reconsidering the Work of Alexander Saxton

In Progress

Of Ourselves: Intersectional Class Struggle
AK Press


Strategies for Teaching Critical Reading: Understanding, Meaning-Making & Critique
Journal of Social Work Education


The Labor Cost of Dual Enrollment Programs
LaborOnline, Labor and Working Class History Association

Mar 2020

Electoral Folly

May 2016

Celebrating Fat Man
Inheriting Hanford

Aug 2015

Raising Iraqi Voices of Grassroots Resistance – Book Review of “Against All Odds: Voices of Popular Struggle in Iraq”

Jul 2015

The 1937 and 1938 San Francisco Department Store Strikes

Dec 2015

Ghost in the Machine: Reflections on the Life and Poetry of Xu Lizhi
Ghosts in the Machine, Pacific Rim Solidarity Network

Summer 2014

California’s Agricultural Progressives and the State Commission Market Act of 1915
Ex Post Facto

Spring 2009

Band of Sisters: Class and Gender in Industrial Lowell 1820-1850
Ex Post Facto

Spring 2008